Support for Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Classroom Learning
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Expanded Course Offerings

Partner with Apex Learning and provide students with high-quality, rigorous online learning that’s fully accredited and NCAA-eligible.

More Courses, More Opportunity

Meet students’ needs with the expanded offerings virtual options support: AP®, Summer School, CTE, Credit Recovery, Original Credit, World Languages, and Advanced Studies.

For students who need a full-time virtual option, Apex Learning Virtual School (ALVS) is a fully accredited online high school. ALVS also offers individual high school course credits.

More Courses, More Opportunity
Implementation Services

Provide Classes Beyond Core Offerings

When staffing shortages make it difficult to maintain course offerings or limit students’ choices, Apex Learning can help. Our state-certified online teachers allow you to provide expanded options, even when finding qualified teachers in your area is a challenge.

Concept to Launch

Ready to provide your students with virtual learning? Here are the five steps our experts will guide you through to get from concept to program launch:

Concept to Launch