Every student deserves a path to success. We specialize in partnering with schools to meet the diverse learning needs of students in grades 6—12.

Keep Students on Track
Get Students Back on Track
Raise Exam Scores
Prepare Students for College and Career

Classroom teachers are challenged to meet the unique needs of each student and keep everyone on track to successfully complete courses. Our Tutorials are the instructional resources teachers need to personalize learning for all struggling students, raise achievement, and increase the pass rate for courses on the first attempt.


Provide just-in-time remediation to keep each student on track to pass courses the first time.


Cherokee County School District, Georgia

The digital curriculum engaged students, and the graduation rate increased 5.4%.

Unit Recovery+

Give students the opportunity for unit and concept recovery, and reduce the need for credit recovery.


Hartford Public Schools, Connecticut

The dropout rate declined following the switch to a blended learning model.

Response to Intervention+

Provide tiered instructional interventions and real-time reporting to support RTI and MTSS programs.


Dorchester School District Two, South Carolina

The district improved remediation opportunities for students to recover portions of credits or full credits and still graduate on time.

Higher Achievement+

Personalize instruction to raise achievement.


Darlington County School District, South Carolina

100% of eighth graders taking the Algebra I EOC exam passed, thanks to support from Tutorials.

For credit-deficient students, digital curriculum that personalizes learning can be the difference between dropping out and earning a high school diploma. Our Courses provide students who have not been successful in their studies the opportunity to get back on track to graduation.

Credit Recovery+

Provide each student the opportunity to focus on exactly what he or she needs to master to recover credits.


Boston Public Schools, Massachusetts

District-wide graduation rate increases by 8 percentage points within two years after introducing Apex Learning.

Alternative Programs+

Offer students in non-traditional programs the opportunity to earn the credits required for graduation.


Auburn School District, Washington

Student achievement and graduation rate increase with fewer students dropping out.

Dropout Prevention+

Proven to increase academic achievement and motivate at-risk students to stay in school.


Dallas Independent School District, Texas

Grade-level promotion rate increases significantly after switching to Apex Learning.

Dropout Recovery+

Encourage dropouts to re-engage with programs suited to both their learning and life needs.


Temecula Valley Unified School District, California

Students rise to the challenge of rigorous course content and recover needed credits.

Sarasota County Schools, Florida

At-risk student performance on state EOC assessments is on par with original credit student performance.

Our Tutorials personalize learning to ensure each student achieves his or her personal best on high-stakes exams.

Improve Outcomes on State Exams

Test Preparation+

Prescriptive pretests and adaptive remediation create a personalized learning path for each student.

Efficacy STUDY

Pasco County Schools, Florida

Students using Tutorials outscore comparable students on state tests.

Retake Remediation+

Focus student learning on each student's area of deficiency for success on exam retakes.

White paper

Increasing Student Access to Personalized Learning

Learn how your district can boost exam scores with the personalized learning that leads to deeper understanding.


College readiness Tutorials personalize learning to ensure every student is ready for postsecondary success.

Efficacy STUDY

ACT Tutorials Improve Achievement 

Students achieve a 25 percentile point increase in pretest to posttest scores.

GED®, HiSET® and Equivalents+

Support students seeking an alternative credential with personalized instruction aligned to the exam.

"My GED students thank me constantly for the Apex GED Math tutorials! Apex is to be recognized for their dedication to student success."

Robert Larsen, Teacher
Fontana Unified School District, California

Our curriculum helps middle schools ensure their students are ready for the next grade by helping all students quickly reach and exceed grade-level mastery, no matter where they start.

Middle School

Grade-Level Readiness+

Help struggling students reach and exceed grade-level mastery—from those struggling to those ready to excel.


Beaverton School District, Oregon

Student achievement rises with personalized curriculum. “Students have even asked if they could use it at home on their own time!”

Exam Readiness+

Support students with standards-based, data-driven practice and review.


Darlington County School District, South Carolina

100% of eighth graders taking the Algebra I EOC exam passed, thanks to support from Tutorials.

Remediation + Intervention+

Give students the resources and confidence they need to succeed in math and English.


Dorchester School District Two, South Carolina

"Tutorials take instruction to another level. Tutorials are what I've needed all these years."

Mrs. J. Greene, 8th Grade Reading Teacher

Alternative Programs+

Accommodate students in non-traditional learning environments with a program built for their needs.


Troy City School District, New York

Personalized learning helps struggling learners get back on track.

A high school diploma is a key stepping stone to lifelong success, and it comes with an expectation of college and work readiness.

ACT®, SAT®, ACCUPLACER®, TSI Test Readiness+

College readiness Tutorials feature pretests and adaptive remediation to personalize instruction and practice for every student.

ACT?, SAT?, GED?, Accuplacer?, TSI

Advanced Placement®+

Offer students the option of online Advanced Placement® courses as well as AP® Exam Review to prep for the College Board® AP exams.



Iowa Online AP Academy, Iowa

During school year 2014—2015, 78% of students taking College Board AP exams scored a 3 or higher, outperforming the national average by 17%.

Career and Technical Education+

Provide students with the opportunity to acquire real-world job skills with online CTE courses.

CTE for Career Success

Increase the education options available to your students.

Virtual School+

Offer virtual learning for homebound and hospital-bound students, those seeking additional course options, and full-time virtual students. 


Catoosa County Public Schools, Georgia

Students who struggle in a traditional classroom achieve an 80% course completion rate with virtual learning.

Summer School+

Serve a wider range of needs beyond just credit recovery.


Fullerton Joint Union HS District, California

District uses summer health course as opportunity to help incoming freshmen transition to high school.