Mark Cantu, Chief of Staff & School Improvement, Seguin ISD, TX

My name is Mark Cantu. I'm the school improvement officer at Seguin ISD. I joined the district last year as a school improvement officer working with our lowest performing campuses. We're a small district, we have 14 campuses. What we want to be able to do is put something in front of them that's going to, one, keep them engaged, but also to really close the gap.

Let's maximize their time that they're on here using Tutorials so that the gaps don't get bigger. When the student knows that there's somebody behind them, that it's not just I'm learning something from a computer screen, but it's the computer, right, it's the content, and then I have somebody pushing me or checking on me or asking, "how are you doing or what questions do you have". I think that's how you get to a point where students begin to feel successful. ELA was where we saw the most gains. And I think part of what we did well was say we're going to commit to this. We're going to focus on one platform and we're going to say, this is it. And so because we felt an impact last year and it was positive, that is why we're pushing not just at the high school anymore, but now our middle schools as well. Let's streamline, so that everyone has an opportunity using the same platform and that there's this fidelity to a program or to a platform, but with that individualized support. So the teacher's never out of the equation. Once the teachers see that it's not going away and seeing that they do have answers when they ask. We always tell them we don't have the answer, we'll reach out to one of the representatives and they'll have the answer. And so I think the support that we got from our reps is what really helped push it.