Test Readiness

More Than Just Test Prep

Apex Learning digital curriculum ensures students not only pass their classes but are successful on high-stakes exams with:

  • Instruction that builds deeper understanding of concepts to be tested
  • Adaptive remediation to address any prerequisite skills needed
  • Active learning to ensure concepts and skills are reinforced
  • Question types found on high-stakes exams
  • Reports to track standards mastery by student and class.


Middle School High School
State Exams End-of-Course and State Exams, College Readiness Exams
  • Meet grade-level expectations
  • Build a solid language arts and math foundation
  • Prepare for the rigors of high school
  • Pinpoint skill gaps and deliver the deep learning of content necessary to excel on college entrance exams
  • Prepare for the rigors of college and work



Proven Results:

Beaverton Efficacy Study

A Study of Tutorials Use and Effectiveness

Darlington Case Study

Proven Results:

Dallas ISD HS Efficacy Study

Sarasota Efficacy Study

Bell High School, LAUSD


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Standards are a key component of digital curriculum – they set clear and measurable goals, inform instruction, and help measure achievement.

Is your current curriculum built to standards? What about digital curriculum your district is considering. As you evaluate different providers, make sure you understand:

Learn how your district can boost exam scores with the personalized learning that leads to deeper understanding.