Efficacy Study

A Study of Tutorials Use and Effectiveness

Tutorials Improve Student Post-Test Achievement

For modules combined across all Tutorials products, the mean posttest percent correct score is 17 points higher than the mean pre-test score (Appendix Table 3). By subject, the average posttest is higher by 17 points for English and 16 points for math. The magnitude of the difference between the mean pre-test and posttest scores is equivalent to a 20 percentile point improvement for both subjects following use of the Learn It, Review It and Try it instructional activities contained in each module.

Achievement Gains of Average Performing Student

Furthermore, the results of the regression analyses (Appendix Table 4) suggest that Tutorials instructional activities, measured by testit performance, had a greater impact on posttest achievement than initial pretest ability. For all modules combined, the testit score contributed 1.7 times more to posttest achievement than pretest ability. By subject, testit achievement contributed 1.6 times more to posttest achievement than pretest ability for English and 1.9 times more for math.

Flexible implementation models support teacher and student needs. The following implementations illustrate the impact that Tutorials made on student content mastery.

Implementation Models: EOC Preparation School District A