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Adaptive Tutorials improve student achievement by more than 50%

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Getting a Jump-Start on High School Readiness

Fullerton JUHSD approached their summer health course as an opportunity to help incoming freshmen transition to high school.

Fullerton Case Study Results

Impact of TSI Tutorials on Student Achievement in Texas

TSI Tutorials improved student performance and post-test achievement in mathematics, reading, and writing assessments.

TSI Tutorials Results

More Opportunities with Virtual Learning

Big Rapids Virtual School Case Study

With rigorous digital curriculum students don’t just pass the course — they master the content. Now, Big Rapids Virtual School students are better prepared for what's next.

+Our Proven Solutions

Every student deserves a path to success. We specialize in partnering with schools to meet the diverse learning needs of students in grades 6–12.

Credit Recovery+

Test Readiness+

Alternative Education+

Virtual School+

Graduate All Students Ready for College and Career Success

Are you able to meet the needs of all your students—from those struggling in their coursework to those capable of accelerating their learning?  

If you're like most educators, the answer is likely no. It's a challenge to address the diverse learning needs of all students.

This is where Apex Learning comes in. Digital curriculum to personalize learning, actionable data to inform instruction, and success management combine to ensure your students are learning and you get the results you're expecting.

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Effective Digital Curriculum

What do we mean by effective digital curriculum?

Yes, our digital curriculum is designed to meet standards, rigorous, and based on leading research. 
Yes, it includes direct instruction, practice and application, and formative and summative assessment.
All of these things are a given—you expect them.  

But that's not all we mean when we talk about effective digital curriculum.  

To us, effective means that more learning happens. 
Our digital curriculum actively engages students in their learning and integrates supports and scaffolds to guide all students in achieving success.

Comprehensive Courses
Original credit, credit recovery, world languages, and Advanced Placement®

Adaptive Tutorials
Exam readiness, remediation, unit and concept recovery, and personalized learning

Expanded Education Options
Flexible learning for competing athletes, AP® scholars, homebound students, and others

Proven to Increase Student Achievement

Schools nationwide are getting results with Apex Learning digital curriculum: higher graduation rates, lower dropout rates, improved scores on high-stakes exams, and more students ready for postsecondary success.


City School District of Albany, NY

A six-year partnership starting with credit recovery expanded to provide a complete online solution serving more student needs, contributing to the highest graduation rate in 10 years.

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Research Put Into Practice

Digital curriculum design based on leading research and best practices.

More Learning. Better Outcomes.


Equity of Opportunity and the Baltimore County Public School District+

Within Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), students speak 85 languages, hail from 108 countries, and have diverse socio-economic backgrounds. Find out how BCPS uses digital curriculum to level the educational playing field, provide equity of opportunity to all students, and close achievement gaps.

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